magic-renamer.gitadd extensions to files in bulk via Lib::Magic 5 months
today.git how I deal with files in my unix shell, "today" 5 months
libmoc.gita library to abstract the socket protocol for the moc server. Plus some demos 6 months
CoinTracker.gitPull down exchange rates for coins and present them on a page. 6 months
i3-rename-workspace.gitrename i3 workspaces on the fly. 6 months
hexscraper.gitVisualize a CSS color Palette. Dump a css file in here and get a quick visual. 7 months
wordle-solver.githomegrown wordle solver, NYTimes hire me LOL 12 months
pc.gitA little curses pipe chaining toy for building multiple regexes in real time. 20 months
sass.gitquickly compile sass to css 20 months
nnls_solver.gitinject two matricies, solve it with nnls 20 months
SelectiveWholeGenomeAmplification.gitParameterized sweeps of FASTA files to help locate useful primers. Work done for Penn bio research guys 20 months
shttpd.gita very small httpd useful to throw up something in a pinch 20 months
gstopwatch.gitquickie stopwatch for GTK2 20 months
rc.gitsome rc files 20 months
PyFeast.gitFeature selection implemented in python. This is really a gregory ditzler project 20 months
totp-perl.gitgenerate TOTP codes for your perl or for whatever 20 months
quikr.gitQuikr - a bio classifier based on NNLS 20 months
random_fasta_tools.gitmore dna parsing tools, all about FASTA 20 months
sb.gita little webkit browser that never did anything well 20 months
svte.gitsvte - VTE based terminal emulator, fully fledges, configurable, tabbed, all that jazz 20 months
lock.gitlock(1). a generic linux lockfile 20 months
hotkey.gitGeneric x11 global hotkey program. Useful if you dont have a proper window manager 20 months
dna-utils.gitTools for parsing FASTA files very fast 20 months serene version of the card game Golf 20 months
FlyTracking.gita research project I did at Drexel, using video footage to score fly learing behaviours 20 months
fsbm.gita small console bandwidth monitor. like cbm without ncurses. 20 months
sdohd.gita shitty DNS-over-HTTPS daemon.